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Important Information

for patients with Florida Blue health plans

Memorial Healthcare System (Memorial) is in negotiations with Florida Blue regarding our contract that covers the care we provide patients with Florida Blue Commercial (employer-sponsored), Medicare Advantage, and Individual Exchange health insurance plans. Our current contract expires on August 31, 2020. If we do not reach a new agreement, Memorial’s hospitals and facilities will be forced out of Florida Blue’s network effective September 1, 2020.

Florida Blue is asking that we—a local health system that has been dedicated to providing quality care to our patients for almost 70 years—accept terms that are below market standards and would threaten our ability to continue to invest in our health system. For the past several years, Memorial has agreed to hospital reimbursement rates with Florida Blue that have lagged behind fair market rates in our service area. By doing so, our reimbursement levels have become unsustainable. Despite our efforts to work with Florida Blue over the past 10 months to reach a fair agreement and our willingness to address this problem over an extended time period to avoid a significant one-time adjustment rate, Florida Blue continues to ignore our proposed solutions and fails to acknowledge the savings we’ve already provided. Unless Florida Blue demonstrates their willingness to work with us to reach a fair and reasonable agreement, they will force Memorial out of network on September 1.

It’s important to know that nothing changes for now. Florida Blue members can, and should, continue to visit our facilities for care as they normally would.

We’ve built this site to provide you with the latest information about our negotiations with Florida Blue.

Your Voice Is Important

  • Call Florida Blue today. Tell them what it means to you to have in-network access to Memorial’s hospitals and facilities. Call Florida Blue directly at their offices (904) 905-0000 and let them know it is important to keep Memorial in-network.
  • Speak with your HR or benefits manager at work. Ask them about exploring a secondary option that will protect your in-network access to Memorial’s hospitals and facilities.
  • Apply for Continuity of Care. Certain patients, including those who are hospitalized, pregnant, or undergoing an active course of treatment prior to September 1, 2020, may qualify for Continuity of Care benefits through Florida Blue. These benefits allow patients to continue receiving medically necessary care from Memorial at in-network rates for a designated period after September 1. Contact Florida Blue to see if you are eligible and apply.
  • Evaluate your options. Memorial participates with most other major insurance carriers in the South Florida area. You can see a full list of accepted health insurance on our website: